Daily Treasure (Tin 5L)


It is a well balanced evoo of delicate aroma and fine taste from Koroneiki variety. Ideal for every day use raw on salads, fish etc but also, excellent to cook with.

Extra virgin olive oil which is produced in our own olive oil mill and is selected by our team. There have been years of experience in olive oil tasting, in cooperation with certified organolepthic laboratories and Universities. It is a well balanced evoo, it has a delicate aroma and a fine taste. Excellent to use raw on salads, fish etc but also, ideal to cook with.

Features & details

  • Product of Greece -100% Extra virgin olive oil
  • Koroneiki variety
  • Superior category
  • Acidity<0.6%
  • From the soil of Ilia state by the Ionian sea
  • Olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means.