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About Oliorama’s Products

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“Oliorama” organic honey is not collected in Ancient Olympia but in selected
mountain peaks and valleys in central and south Greece. The hives are placed mostly
at Helmos mountain in Peloponnesus few kilometers from our state.

Honey is the authentic essence of a place, the distillate in taste, color and aroma. You
can not eat the soil, the leaves, the flowers. But the bees come and give us the
opportunity to try what, while we live in it, we do not have access to.”
(borrowed by Andreas Zafiropoulos)

“Oliorama” products is believed to be know in several countries since the last years
has exports in the United States of America, China, Switzerland, Austria, Cyprus,
England and aiming to more….

People who are aware and seek the best for themselves and their loved ones come
across us.

There are official sites which promote quality and present awarded and certified

How many awards has “Oliorama” extra virgin olive oil received?
Every year our olive oil is among the top oils worldwide, having received 37 awards
to date, the majority of which are in the quality category.

Our product is also awarded for innovative design and has received gold health

Improving ourselves each year is a necessity for us and that is why we are extra
careful, strict and faithful regarding our quality. Oliorama is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil
of distinguished olive groves in the region of Ancient Olympia, some of the best
farmland in Greece.

We offer all the environmental cultural and geological elements for the perfect taste,
aroma and quality for a Hellenic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

All three descriptions are extra virgin olive oils, the only difference is the time of harvest.

The “Exclusive Art Line”; is harvested the first twenty days of October depending on the weather.
It has a strong but intriguing taste. It is rich in phenols which provides various health benefits.

The “Exceptional Line”; is harvested late October until mid November.
The olive oil seals all the aromas and qualities of the fresh fruit, fresh and creamy flavors which
build a radish heat. It is a little softer, in taste, than “Exclusive Art Line”.

The “Daily Treasure”; is collected from mid November until the end of December.
It is a well balanced evoo of delicate aroma and fine taste from Koroneiki variety.
Ideal for every day use, excellent to cook with. It is the mildest of the three in the
mouth and it doesn’t get you …….bored.

Oliorama is a Greek brand name.

OLIORAMA & Co GP is a producer and supplier of supreme quality products
virgin olive oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic honey, organic herbs)
coming from the region of Ancient Olympia – the birthplace of the Olympic Games.
“Orama” means vision. Our vision is to reveal a world of purity and excellent
taste of high quality Greek products.

Oliorama achieves that by combining Nature’s elements and the tradition of three
generations since it’s been in the field from the late 70ies.

The conventional and organic extra virgin olive oil and the organic herbs are from the
region of Ancient Olympia.

The organic honey is collected in selected mountain peaks and valleys in central and
south Greece. The hives are placed mostly at Helmos mountain in Peloponnesus.

Extra virgin olive oil” is considered to be every olive oil that is of less than 0,8%acidity.

Higher than that is virgin olive oil, even higher olive oil and etc.

EVOO is the abbreviation of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

PGI means Protected Geographical Indication and it protects names of agricultural
products which carry their scheme (logo).

It ensures that only products genuinely originating in that region are allowed to be
identified as such in commerce.

The legislation first came into force in 1992. The purpose of the law is to protect the
reputation of the regional foods, promote rural and agricultural activity, help
producers obtain a premium price for their authentic products, and eliminate the
unfair competition and misleading of consumers by non-genuine products, which may
be of inferior quality or of different flavor.

Organic label products ensure that pesticides or other chemicals are not used by the
producers in order to grow their products or to feed their animals.
They also avoid genetically modified organisms (GMOs) as much as possible.

It is not possible to understand the difference between conventional and organic
products by taste, odor or color.

That is why an organoleptic analysis is unable to detect the difference
A chemical analysis is necessary to be done from a certified laboratories in order to prove it.

The whole organic process from the field to production and bottling must follow the
regulations, witch are set by authorities, so as not to meet with non organic products
(during the whole procedure).

In organic olive oil farming, no chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used at all stages of production, harvesting
is made by hand or mechanized harvest machines, while olive oil is produced by cold extraction at low temperatures
to ensure the best, most natural and safest result.

Pricing is higher simply because the harvest takes place early in season using natural
processes for collection and cold press out below 22 C, therefore the quantity of olive
oil is less in comparison to harvesting later in the year.

Furthermore work, attendance and supervision of the groves is far more time
consuming and expensive.

Many producers harvest as late in the year as they can in order to receive more olive
oil, the quality though is not same.

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