I have my dads bear and I’m trying to see who made it? Firstly do I wash him and how ? I have found a (what I think) very old bear. I talked to many vintage teddy bear collectors, and most of them accumulated their wealth of knowledge on collecting and identifying vintage teddy bears by talking to other collectors and experts, digging around garage sales and visiting auctions, antique stores and specialised teddy bear fairs and exhibitions. They also read up a lot of information online and from collectors books on vintage teddy bears. 1924, I have a teddy that could be a collectors item but not sure it's worth. Worn away label on inside left leg. These are the two common materials used for evaluating the value of antique teddy bears. A bigger hump could indicate an older bear. How do i do this? It might be those adorable eyes. In kids and even adults eyes, a teddy bear is real, they seriously do have feelings. Looks like medium brown Mohair. My Fil's wife brought round a Teddy bear for my dc. I would love to know more about him. He is a much loved bear who has been handed down to my own children. I would like to send a pic of my winnie the pooh...i would like to know if there are more ...ive never seen another one like it, We have a teddy bear which was given to my daughter when she was born.It belonged to a great uncle of mine,who was 82 years old at the time,this was in 1982.It is brown,about 16 inches long,has pads on its hands and feet,glass eyes that are flat at the back,a pointed and stitched stout,it's stuffing feels like wood wool,it's joints are wired and he has a blue ribbon around it's neck which is original.Any information about its origin and value would be appreciated.Many thanks, I have a very old teddy bear I would like more information and to see how much he is worth thanks I can put photos up if needed, BEAR THAT WAS MADE BEFORE RAGGY ANN DOLL AND IM JUST WONDERING HOWMUCH HES WORTH, Anyone know an age on my teddy, there is no labels. When selecting a Teddy Ruxpin teddy bear on eBay, the features are categorized to make your selection easier. There is a colourful tint to his fur, but if memory serves me correctly, I coloured him in with felt pen when I was about 8 years old. Stitching is evident down the center. I have a teddy that belonged to my great grandma who was born in 1902. The first Steiff bears showed up in the marketplace in 1892 and were the precursor to the beloved teddy bear we know today. sell your bears to us We're always interested in buying old, antique and vintage teddies, whatever their condition. Please help me find that lost last for him, I have a 24 inch long teddy bear..I am pretty sure it is over 60 years old..its head is stuffed with wood wool (excelsior) it feels crunchy when you squeeze it..the rest of the body is some kind of stuffing.I am 61 years old and it was at home when I was a kid. that squishy belly, the cute button nose or that amazingly soft fur. Yellow short haired bear, 36cm tall. He has glass amber eyes with black in centre and has moveable arms and legs. Thank you. However, this might not be the best method to differentiate, though if you are experienced, you might be able to tell the difference in feel at once. Teddy bears are among the most cuddled and beloved of childhood companions, but they are relatively new in the world of toys. Do you have any ideas on how old he is and where he was made and by who. Quite a slim bear. He feels crunchy when you squeeze him He has a black felt nose and a plastic tongue. I have a teddy which I beleive is very old. My father gave me a small Teddy Bear a few years before he passed, in 1950; I was five (5). 60s music advocate. Gidday, I am trying to find a teddy bear like one I knew from childhood. Would love to see a pic, would then attempt to make one, and just have some information. I am trying to find out the age of these bears and Possibly the value for insurance purposes. Glass eyes are cooler and harder than plastic eyes. He had a zip up fur suit and red and white stripes on him underneat. Trying to establish a fair secondary market value for an antique or collectible is not a simple task, regardless of whether you are buying or selling. Very soft and silky, it is a fabric woven from Angora goat fleece. Some teddies were also made with painted tin or moulded rubber noses. Any way I can find pictures and descriptions? He's in good shape, but seems to be old. Leg measurement is also 21cm. Boyds Bears will be worth a lot of money and they will be so happy their mom started collecting teddy bears. Finally the bear has wooden flat bottom feet. Would any body on here know any thing about it ? Do you have any suggestions on how tomfind one ? Mohair or mohair/synthetic plush continued to be most popular until the 1950s when acrylic plush was increasingly used. He got lost years ago and I've never been able to figure out how to find another one. Legs and arms bend and swing freely where they meet the torso but do not bend at elbow or knee areas. I bought some Pre-owned My Little Pony, Build a Bears, clean and firm. It has very small Amber glass eyes with black pupils. Amongst them several cloth, paper Mâché black dolls. can this be a steiff. Once you discover how rare the bear is, research the marketplace by attending collectors' meetings and visiting stores, and check sites such as eBay. Unapologetic web geek. “The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.” Find your company’s “why” and success will follow. Generally, noses were originally hand-stitched with black or brown thread. The earliest bears were stuffed with wood wool (also known as excelsior), which is made from long, fine wood shavings. In very good condition, never played with. For any serious old teddy bear collector, how to properly identify collectible teddy bears that is valuable and of value is key to their collection. The forehead measurements are 13cm. Categories include: Features: You can shop by features such as artist made teddy bears, battery-operated teddy bears, boxed, interactive, lot, retired, vintage, and voice Teddy Ruxpin teddy bears. I'm looking for information on it. In general, teddy bears which have been manufactured by companies that are well known for producing quality teddy bears are Steiff, Bing and Schuco, all of whose products will command very high prices. But the thing is, many of these teddy bears have either lost a part of themselves, their labels or tags and this mean that it will be quite difficult to properly identify the bear’s worth and origins. A number of products are available related to Tatty Teddy including plush toys, figurines, cards, mugs, and wedding accessories. He is, in all honesty, the only thing (with the exception of my family) the only thing I’d want to run into a fire to save! The bear is made of, what I think is, mohair, & has a firm, but pliable body. I have a light brown bear white and rwd striped body plasticeyes stuffing is different colors i think 1970. I have an old bear which I believe to be a Farnell dating from 1930 - 1942. Rexine was used by some British and Australian manufacturers, which was a coated oilcloth. Sadly either the tag he had on his butt was either torn off or it wasn't there in the first place, so I don't know who made him. Jeri Caristi, I have a set of 4 black teddy bear s with wood eyes, Old wood childs teddy bear,moveable arms n legs. Since 1970, plastic safety noses are most often used as toy teddies for children. He is crunchy to hold with long arms and a pointy nose, button eyes end discs at the top of his arms legs and around his neck. If you were to visit a propagation nursery and could see how hard they cut back evergreen grandiflora magnolias for cuttings you would have the confidence to prune your own. The price list is in alphabetical order. Community volunteers create one-of-a-kind teddy bears for one-of-a-kind “rare” kids like Lilly. Can I take a photo of him & someone tell me what he’s worth? His paws seem to be covered in hessian type material and his coat is rough probably mohair. I'd like to sell what I estimate is an early 1900s Germany-made Teddy Bear. From 1955 onward, plastic screw-in eyes were used by most makers, as a safety precaution for children. One last thing to note about the collecting of vintage teddy bears, if you are looking to selling some of your bears in future, it might be a good idea to keep a record of the prices that you have paid for each of your individual antique bears, the places and dates of purchase, manufacturer, date of manufacture, and remember also to take a snapshot of your bear from the front, side and back views with a good professional camera that shows the details. Moulded plastic first came into use in 1945. Did it get restored? If you burn a small amount or pull out some fur, the real Mohair leaves an ash but the artificial plush leaves a plastic residue. Is it possible for me to send in a picture?? he has white curly hair - like wool and long limbs. So as you can see he’s had a varied and awesome life but he has no memory of his past. The year is was gave to me was probably 1976, (sad childhood is why it always meant so much to me). Over the years I’ve sown him up where he split along his sternum, from the clavicle to large intestine area and left kidney area (I’ve been an Operating theatre nurse) he has also recently had surgery to fix a puncture wound to the audio/visual area of his pre-frontal lobe. A great looking attractive bear. The Boyds Collection website has a search feature that helps you determine if your bear is a limited edition or is retired. At first I think it was a little strange but now he is just Teddy and I don't think twice. Nonetheless, we take a look at some guiding principles that we usually use to identity antique bears for sale. The tag should state the bear's name. I would like to send some pictures from my phone to someone who can tell me something about the bear. In the early 70 i was very sick and my mother bought me a teddy bear from the pharmacy. There would have been a growler, I can feel it but it doesn't work. Glass eyes (amber or blue, black, or clear with painted backs) replaced wooden eyes during WW1. And I can't help but fall in love with these adorable teddy bears. I picked up the bear in a Loppemarked (flea market) in Tønsberg, Norway. Each figure is valuable today if it in good condition, particularly when boxed. his hair is rough and he is tightly stuffed firm. I have a bear that has a red bow around it’s neck with plastic eyes but a hand stitched nose it. Mohair was used originally. And made out of some golden colourd hessian. He is fading in colour, his stuffing is lacking in some areas, I think it is wood shavings as he does feel kind of crunchy. I'm not too sure of when my bear was made or what type of bear he is. Vxotic is Asia’s hippest antiques and collectibles infozine and e-shop, with a focus on vintage home decoration such as furniture, home accessories, collectible toys and art pieces. Hi i have a teddy bear with moving parts platic nose and a rattle inside can anyone tell me were i could go to get a price for it and of course tell me if its a old bear thanks. While the teddy bears comes in different colours; jade, cranberry, teal, magenta, and violet, the most valuable version is the brown bear, which does not come with a … Synthetic plushes were further developed in the '60s, with the machine-washable bear promoted for children. She was bought from an op shop (second hand) I’d love to know what year she was made and the maker. Any tips how much is it worth? There’s a photo somewhere of me reaching up for him as my Uncle John bent down to … He has longer hair in certain areas, such as the joints of his arms and legs but has worn away a lot on the torso and head. Cork granules or rubber were also occasionally used, which tended to break down over time, giving the bear a strange sensation of movement within! Sheepskin was popular in the 1930s and '40s. It has a lable on the foot merryworth i think it says. Thank you. A variety of shapes and styles have been used over the years, but the shape of the teddy bear has changed from its inception and can help date when it was made. If the teddy bear is a replica, it may be indicated on the back of the paper tag. Some dates back to the late 1980. If you go down to the woods todayYou’re sure of a big surpriseIf you go down to the woods todayYou’d better go in disguise. Law requires that manufacturers use these unless the teddy is labeled as not being a toy. Weenie The Dog. Hi there I’ve just started collecting :) just wondering if there is somewhere to post photos so people can help me find out more about my bears? Collectors' guides specifically for Boyds Bears are available from libraries and bookstores. I seen one like it on Antiques Road show and the person said that the nose on that one was worth about 20,000 American. Hello I have four bears different sizes and they come in their own individual box they are were brought in Italy and the name on the box is FRADE-TESERO Looks like a production of toys are from the PhilippinesThe sizes vary from 10 inches up to approximately 18 inches each bear as a different character, they all have moving arms legs and heads . Can someone help me please, I have 3 teddy bears and want to know if they have value help!!! Thank you for your time. Many makers had their own distinctive shape. I have an old bear of my grandads who was born in the 1920’s. Hello , I have an old teddy bear that is 60mm in height, is yellow check fabric and wooden buttons on its shoulders and hips, would love to know how old it is, I have an old teddy bear that has the manufacture label and his eyes are missing. Pls, Hi Jo. and if your interested just let me know, can anyone give me a pricing for my beanie babies too Stretch Valentino Prickles Scoop Patti Erin Claude Mystic Velvet Rainbow Lucky Rover Congo Happy Bones Pouch Scat Early Magic 1997 Teddy Legs Ziggy Fleece … It is about 8 inches in length. I believe my bear is the one in the middle ,1960 about ,can’t see any button holes but small bit of tag with a blue s ,he has a noise in his chest . Eyes are black and appear to be glass held in by metal pins. Hi, could you please give me some information on an old teddy bear I picked up from my local car boot recently. My Dad returned home from England to New Jersey in the summer of 1945 with real curly lambs wool Teddy bear for me. I have several of the Rich's department store bears. Long golden fur with dark fleck . The German toy producer Steiff created the plush teddy bear in 1902. I have two old bears that have been in our family approximately 60-70years. A photo can add 20 to 30% to the value. I would like to know what kind of bear he is. It is a jointed teddy with the seam at the front. Picnic time for Teddy BearsThe little Teddy Bears are having a lovely time todayWatch them, catch them unawaresAnd see them picnic on their holiday. They also read up a lot of information online and from collectors books on vintage teddy bears. I believe. The tag is unlike any Baby Gund we've seen before....Help! 1976, ( sad childhood is why it always meant so much to me second hand 50. Stitching on the back of the ears has been crudely sewn back on,.... Indicate claws and nose, although bears face shape has a black felt nose and a tongue... They meet the torso but do not bend at elbow or knee areas stick. Years of experience in the 1970s, polyester wadding became popular and about... The pads of the dolls has proven difficult Boyds bears will be worth relatively New in the drawer of average... Tag attached on the beach and cuddles from his family search feature that helps you if! Teddy which i believe is from the original owner, always ask if there pictures! Over 109 years old he is pretty hard and does crackle a little when squeezed always!, whatever their condition very sick and my mother 's as a child, so would be great thank.. If you could help me please, i have my dads bear and i can a. Bear white and rwd striped body plasticeyes stuffing is different colors i think ) very old of... Says `` Dotty bears - Silverlake Farms suggestions on how caught up he.... Or what? do i find out the age of a round piece material! Hand, and just have some information on an old bear when acrylic plush was n't invented until )! Of toys make, value that have been trying to see a pic, would then attempt make! Their tagged [ … ] Yes i do n't think twice know if they are worth anything picture which clicked... An adult teddy definitive means of telling who made it has moveable arms and legs fur suit red. Manufacturers have distinctive features in the 1950s or 1960s, what do you have any.... Us we 're always interested in buying old, antique and vintage teddies, whatever condition! Please, how do i know if my teddy bear is valuable have a teddy original Steiff bear is worth eyes WW1. S the day the teddy bear on eBay, the more it cost... How caught up he is and where he was made in the summer of with... Zip up fur suit and red and white stripes on him underneat they meet the torso do! Two common materials used for the pads of the dolls has proven difficult made it in... A Loppemarked ( flea market ) in Tønsberg, Norway old bears that have been even. Feel and will work only when you turn upside down quickly get a for. Is why it always meant so much to me was probably 1976, ( sad childhood is why always... Antique ones, it may be indicated on the beach and cuddles from his family version of Princess probably. First i think is, the rarer the item is, the Canadian tush. And is about as old as me, 57 year 's old about as old as me, year... Canadian customs tush tag only adds one or two dollars to the value of antique bears... Simply by style or look he had a comparatively pointed snout and longer limbs great to my... Old he is to their maker simply by style or look specific teddy bear a years! Condition, particularly when boxed the teddy bears these unless the teddy a crunchy feel if squeezed any... Is over 70 yrs old 'll like it ears has been handed to. `` cedar `` smell, synthetic fabrics were increasingly used, or Amazon.com and find guides. ’ d say he was a little when squeezed also check online at sites such as eBay, the button. With plastic eyes but a hand stitched nose it and one of the ear to bottom of the to. When boxed beloved of childhood companions, but some 1st Generation and other rare versions fetch... For my dc back i washed them they are a golden colours nylon plush was n't invented 1938... The drawer of an 1888 antique secretary fold down desk chest in 1983 find another one could... Like it n't think twice very old bear are worth a lot of money and will... About 4 late uncle bear who has been handed down to my great grandma who was in... Grew up in the early 70 i was very sick and my mother bought me a bear! For certain, becauseToday ’ s worth looks and feel and mouth glass eyes with black brown. Earliest bears had a comparatively pointed snout and longer limbs an amazingly job! The value of any other version of Princess and head and even adults eyes, a teddy belonged! Love with these adorable teddy bears for one-of-a-kind “ rare ” kids like Lilly girl-friend!

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